Everyone likes their story to be listened to. And when you’re communicating a great idea, you want to inspire action. To do that, you and your story must come alive.

Over the last fifteen years, I’ve helped clients and colleagues develop and deliver great presentations. And I’d like to help you too.

Story really matters

It’s the best way for us to learn – and remember – new ideas. It also helps connect at a deeper level. More than information, you can spark something amazing in your audience.

When someone uses storytelling techniques in their talk, it makes a positive, lasting impact on the audience Рleading to action. That impact might be higher sales; better team performance; or getting the job.

What’s coming up?

I’ll be hosting one-day workshops where I’ll pour as much of what I’ve learned so far into over six hours of fun and energetic learning. I’ll be giving you real-life examples, effective techniques and practical tips to help make your presentations amazing.

Imagine a day where you can really dig down into the mechanics of developing and delivering a great talk. Building new skills, or dusting down things you’ve forgotten you could do.

My aim for everyone who comes to a workshop is that they leave knowing they’ll be able to make a signifiant impact on their audience the next time there’s a presentation, talk or conversation to be had.

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