I had something in my eye

Last week I sent some emails to people on my lists – friend, contacts and people who had downloaded the Guide I published a few weeks before. It was another milestone for me and one that I’m grateful to have reached.

You know how it feels when you take something from a bunch of ideas, tasks and noise in your head and wrestle into some kind of order and then make it happen. It’s soooo goooooood. But that wasn’t all.

Keep moving things forward

You see, all those messages invited people to book a place on the Presentation Skills Workshop I’m hosting on 29 November. I wrote the blog, the emails and a bunch of other stuff late on the Wednesday night (spot the typo!). And I scheduled everything to send and go-live at specific times the following day. ¬†That was a release of all the pent-up-stuff that I’d been carrying in my head (and on my Trello board).

What a great feeling to be keeping things going – and getting the event publicised!

Event Booking Page
Event Booking Page


Then, when I arrived at the office no Thursday morning after a short-night of sleep and a weary cycle, I checked my phone to discover that I’d had my first booking onto the course!

I freely admit to doing a little dance, smiling a big smile and, yes there may have been something in my eye. There was a tear of joy as someone said “yes” to being part of this journey.


This process has been great, feeling really enthused by the chance to try things out and testing to see what works.

But in all of this I feel compelled to remain focused on gratitude and to remember that every breath, every moment is grace in action.

Do you want to make me cry again?

You can book your place on the workshop too.

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