My Story

I’m a husband, father, son and friend living in Scotland.

I believe in grace, peace, light, resurrection, forever, hope, promise, stories, sustainability and outside.

I also believe that everyone has stories to tell – and that by listening to each others stories we can learn a lot about living in the light of grace and peace.

I love to work with people and technology to bring those stories to life – and helping others develop through workshops and one-to-one coaching. You can see how that’s worked out on LinkedIn.

I love my family – knowing I’m not perfect at doing that but believing I will continue to learn and grow as they do. I love playing music, albeit my rock-and-roll days might be more of a memory than I care to admit. Oh, and I love to ride my bike – both for transport and recreation.

I’m not one of the other Andy Weirs who write books, take pictures or PhD art. Just in case you wondered.

Get in touch if I can help.