the biggest fear

Public speaking is the biggest fear people face. Have you ever…

…felt unprepared when you’re about to communicate a great idea?

…tried to get ready for the most important talk of your life (so far) and been stuck for where to start?

…been downright petrified of having to speak with a work colleague, a client, a family gathering or an interview?

I am here to help you create and deliver amazing communications that inspire action.

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1:1 coaching

You’re booked to talk to an audience – of 2 or 2,000 – and whether you admit it or not, you’re scared.

It could be the clutter of information you’re carrying in your head for weeks before your due to talk. The panic and uncertainty over where to start leads you to putting off making time to think it through until the last possible minute. “I’ll just rework my last one, that’ll be fine”. The cold, clammy feeling you get before you walk on the stage.

Then there’s the audience – if you stop to think about them. They either heighten your anxiety levels or push you to apathy – “they won’t care, why should I?”

Let me help you overcome that fear and deliver an amazing presentation.

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The guide to presentation greatness

Presentations. Yay or Urgh?

From an ill-prepared groom on a wedding day through to the institutionalised “death by PowerPointTM” of the 00s, we’ve all endured presentations that turned us off from the topic at hand.

We’ll sit there and think “this is awful”, “I could do better” and “I wouldn’t have said it like that”. We know better, right? 

Or do we. 

Perhaps if we’re honest we can find ways to  improve. 

So to help the world deliver better presentations, I’ve developed the Guide to Presentation Greatness. It’s yours. For free.

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My story

I’m a husband, father, son and friend living in Scotland.

I believe in grace, peace, resurrection, forever, hope, promise, stories, sustainability and outside.

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