Public speaking is the biggest fear people face. Have you ever been:

Fed up of feeling unprepared when you’re about to communicate a great idea?

Ready to take your presentation skills to the next level?

Trying to get ready for the most important talk of your life (so far) and not sure where to start?

Downright petrified of having to give a talk at work, a family gathering or interview?

Would your team benefit from fresh ideas on making your products and services more compelling for your customers?

Your story matters – and this workshop is for you.

What’s coming up?

There’s no public workshops currently planned – but get in touch if you’d like to talk about running an event for your team or group.

In these workshops of up to 20 people, I’ll pour as much of what I’ve learned so far into over six hours of fun and energetic learning. I’ll be giving you real-life examples, effective techniques and practical tips to help make your presentations amazing.

The areas we’ll cover include: how stories work; why that matters and some key ways you can put your ideas across. We’ll also look at great techniques that help you control your fear and maximise your impact.

Imagine a day where you can really dig down into the mechanics of developing and delivering a great talk. Building new skills, or re-energising things you’ve forgotten you could do. That’s what a workshop is all about.

Every participant rated the workshop as 5-starts for content and overall impact.

Does the workshop…work?

A previous participant was seriously nervous about developing and delivering a presentation for her peers about a priority topic. Here’s what she said after developing and delivering her talk using the tools we explored together:

“Thank you so much for [the workshop], it was incredibly useful and inspired my confidence to give an hours talk to 20 of my peers…[from the feedback] it looks like my enthusiasm and passion for my subject really came across” 

When you come to a workshop, my aim is that you leave knowing you’ll be able to make a signifiant impact on your audience the next time you have a presentation to deliver. The principles we’ll explore will even benefit your normal, everyday conversations.

Be part of a workshop

Team workshops

As well as running my own events, I work with charities and businesses taking whole teams through an workshop.

These can be one-day intensive or two-day deep-dive events exclusively for your people. I can also work with you to develop a custom programme for you.

Get in touch today and let me know how I can help.

Story matters

Everyone likes their story to be listened to. And when you’re communicating a great idea, you want to inspire action. To do that, you and your story must come alive.

Over the last fifteen years, I’ve helped clients and colleagues develop and deliver great presentations. They’ve secured new clients, inspired change and overcome their fears to make a real difference.

And I’d like to help you too.

Story really matters

It’s the best way for us to learn – and remember – new ideas. It also helps connect at a deeper level. We’ve been telling stories to each other since we learned to communicate. Much more than passing information, stories can help you can spark something amazing in your audience.

When someone uses storytelling techniques in their talk, it makes a positive, lasting impact on the audience – leading to action. That impact might be higher sales; better team performance; or getting the job.

I’m really excited about sharing these ideas with you at a workshop or through 1:1 coaching.

You can register your interest for future events and I’ll be in touch: