All over again

It’s time to stop cutting the grass.

I can’t quite believe it. Today I start working for a completely new employer. It’s 23 years since I’ve been able to say that!

After two months on garden leave, then a couple of between-employment weeks; the grass in our back garden has never been as well kept as this! It’s not like that’s all I’ve been doing, but there’s been more time for a lot of other things over the last wee while. 

The privilege of time with the kids that’s not involved me or them trying to work at home. Great time as a family, with them on my own and with them individually. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still delighted they’re back to school 🤣

The time to tick off a number of things we’ve wanted to get done – finished off or just progressed. There’s a lot of gratitude to be found in ticking off a list. 

The opportunity to keep things going at home while Mrs theWeir continues to face into the “joys” of a health service under significant pressure and the myriad of challenges that are faced on that particular front line every day. 

It’s been a great experience to learn how to apply for jobs after all these years! I’ve had some really enjoyable interviews for roles that were interesting and some really exciting. There were some where I was not successful – and others where the opportunity wasn’t the right fit. It’s all been learning!

And for all these moments – and many others – I am eternally grateful.

Thanks too, for the outplacement help from abrdn (through Right Management) and for the kindness and support of family, friends and former colleagues. Where would I be without their wisdom and input? Where would I be without my wife keeping my feet on the ground and encouragement that this was always part of the plan?

For now, I start to another type of work – I get to play a part in the development of new digital systems so that people in Scotland can get the financial support on offer from the Scottish Government.

I know the grass may not be as green as I’d like on the other side, but the new opportunity is exciting and will be learning.

When I started thinking about this post last week, I was going to ask for people’s top-tips for starting in a new role remotely – getting to know a new team, new ways of working and all that.

But really these are small challenges in stark contrast to the struggles faced by people in Afghanistan today. Right now. And the difficult lives of just along the street in this town I call home.

For those facing difficult days, Lord have mercy.

For those who are still looking for work and unsure of their next steps, I pray for wisdom and peace as you walk through these times.

Today – and hopefully everyday – I will remember and take action for those who are not in the position as I am and want to learn how to stand with them more.

How about you – what will you do?

It seems less important now, but I will also still cut the grass now and again too.

Grace and peace,


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