Close the chapter

Your role is no longer required. You’ll be leaving the business. After 23 years – all your working, adult life – you’re out the door.

And that’s it. You’re done.

Thanks for all your service over the years, for all you’ve put into the company, the customers you’ve helped and the people you’ve worked with.

But that’s it. It’s over.

You’ve handed your badge in, the end has come, no more will you use those login details and you’ll need to return that IT kit.

Can’t be that’s it? I’m not really finished – am I?

Yes. It’s happening to you. The thing you’ve really been hoping would happen for at least five years, has finally come true. You are being made redundant.

This. Is. It. Opportunity awaits.

How would you hope with this news? What would you do next?

Five months of waiting

Over the last five months, I’ve been waiting for today to come. Some of you have been waiting for it with me. Many of you won’t have given it a second thought – and that’s okay!

Here’s where I’ve been:

Gratitude for all that has gone before. The good days and the “development opportunities”.

Wondering at what might lie ahead and where I might find work to do.

Would it be for Phoenix (with so many great people that I’ve loved working with over the years)?

Would it be in another Financial Services business where it would be more of the same, with a different badge to wear.

Would it be something radically different?

Would I open a bike shop?

End the speculation

Since I started Garden Leave at the end of May, I’ve had the joy to spending time at home working on what it means to look for a job, to look after the bairns and to get some odd-jobs ticked off the list (not as many as I’d have hoped, but still many done).

I’ve spent time with my Dad

I’ve had some time on the bike (but not as much as you might expect)

I’ve volunteered time at the local bike shop to help them out and give the family a bit of time out from me!

I’ve cycled 100 miles for the first time in a few years – and this time joined several hundreds others on the Ride to the Sun at the end of June (thanks Mrs theWeir and Mister & Mrs B for making that happen).

I’ve spent time considering what might be next, looking at what matters and what my next steps could actually look like in this employment landscape and at this stage in life.

I’ve even enjoyed the process of doing interviews – and learning about how to do that better. Thanks to everyone who helped with that!

And through it all, I prayer, sang and read to keep my anchor secure in my hope that God knew exactly what He was doing through this process. That all would be okay, not because I had earned that right, but because He is good and His love lasts for ever.

Even if I didn’t get a job right away that He would provide.

And so today *is* my last day as SL240T.

Tomorrow, I will still be Andy Weir. I hope.


Thank you, Standard Life Assurance Company/Standard Life plc/Standard Life Aberdeen plc and abrdn plc. It’s been life – and I’ve loved much about this section of the story!

Time to close this chapter and get ready for the new section. There’s loads of threads of that story already started.

It’s going to be great. I hope!

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  1. Heres a few ideas Andy Get yourself off to theological college. A degree , a church perhaps, or start your own. Volunteer for the Bethany food van. Meet folk who have been busted by life but survive. Its a good leveller and better still, to be a friend.
    Perhaps some prison ministry. Drug rehab work.Good people make wrong decisions in life sometimes, or circumstances dictate otherwise.
    Proactively using your faith and your life experiences for the good of others. Income ? Trust in God. He provides.

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