Live it well

As I unravel 23 years worth of my employer being integrated into daily life, my thoughts tend towards either: “keep busy and don’t think about it” or “what are you living for?”. No surprise really.

Definitely more time spent in the first category than the second.

When I turned 40, the song “Live it well” by Switchfoot was on repeat in my head. So much so that I sang it at the quiz night we organised for my birthday!

Part of the processing of these strange times has been to return to these words and to sing them again. There’s something wonderful about singing that connects me to the words, their meaning and living in the good of them. That’s one of the ways I think what you listen to really does matter!

For what it’s worth, I share my quick recording of the song with you below. Thanks to Jon and Tim for writing great tunes that have punctuated many stages of my life so far.

When writing about the song, Jon wrote:

“life’s too short to be inauthentic. let’s put down the masks. let’s stop pretending like everything is ok. confess your questions, your doubts, your weakness, your fears. confess your inadequacies. bring your darkness into the light.” 

Our lives are fragile and short. Let’s live them well – by which I don’t mean with us at the centre and accumulating wealth, experience or power. Nope. Let’s give them away for a greater glory.

Who’s with me?


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