Twenty three

Today marks 23 years since I started working for what was then the Standard Life Assurance Company and is now abrdn plc.

I started at number 23 Annandale Street – can you believe that? I hadn’t made the connection until I wrote this.

Image of the outside of 23 Annandale Street, the first office I worked in.Merida Scultura bicycle leaning against a wall outside 23 Annandale Street, Edinburgh.

That building is now apartments rather than an office, with much changed on the inside and out.

Same could be said for me.

There’s been so much life lived with so many people in these years that I can’t begin to do it all justice.

Buying a home,, getting married, having two amazing children, being in a band, travelling to places both far-off, and not-so-far, losing friends and family, making music, still learning new stuff every day. Making mistakes and not being there for people when I possibly could have been. Yes, great things, but I’m not perfect.

All of it with Mrs theWeir at my side, which is a wholly remarkable thing. She’s put up with a lot – especially in those early years. And probably still now too… 

I can say that through it all; my faith in God as creator, saviour and sustainer of all has remained. Can’t say it’s not changed – because it has.

And it’s even more crucial for me now than it was then.

What makes today all the more poignant is that in a weeks time it will all be over.

The chapters relating to this part of life will be over and a new section of the story will begin.

For all that’s been said and done to show kindness and love over the last few months, I say thank you.

New adventures await, but more on that another time.

For now, it’s 23 years. And that’s enough. Life is short, live it well.

Grace and peace, my friends.

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